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Memory and destinies of men

This audio clip tells you about the origins of the town of Saint-Yrieix in the mid-6th century, when Aredius, a Christian evangelist, founded a monastery in this exact location, which then became a cathedral chapter.

Religious buildings and communities

In this video, explore the Saint-Yrieix Collegiate Church, the stages of its construction and its architectural features, which have often caused it to be referred to as a quasi-cathedral.

Objects of religious art

In this interview, Zoé Darsy, head of cultural heritage of the town of Saint-Yrieix, tells the fascinating tale of the head reliquary of Aredius, which was stolen, replicated and replaced, with the original now kept at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The replica in front of you is carried in processions during the Limousin ostensions (traditional ceremonies that are held every 7 years).


  What is the purpose of this small enamelled chest decorated with angels?


This object is a Eucharistic dove. Do you know the purpose for which it was used?

Arrangement of public space

You are now opposite the ancient ramparts of Saint-Yrieix’s fortified medieval town, which were formed by the walls of houses, creating an inhabited enclosure around the Collegiate Church and the Plô tower. Listen to the audio guide to understand how this organisation functioned.

Defensive constructions

This video takes you on a discovery of the oldest civil monument in the town of Saint-Yrieix: Plô tower. CGI reproductions show its interior structure and different functions during the medieval period.


This home belonged to the viguier of Saint Yrieix. But who was this figure?

Painting, tapestry and fire arts

This ancient home of the cathedral chapter is now home to the Saint-Yrieix House of Heritage. This cultural organisation dedicated to Saint-Yrieix’s porcelain heritage is presented here.

Industrial, artisanal and commercial heritage

Kaolin, the clay crucial to the production of porcelain, is how the town of Saint-Yrieix made its wealth. Learn about this white gold, from its discovery and extraction to its use in the local area, especially in the Marcognac quarries, which are now classed as Monuments Historiques.

Know-how and materials

This film unveils the secrets of how Limoges porcelain is manufactured. Jean-Paul Tarrade, the director of LS Art et Création, invites us on an unprecedented tour of the oldest Saint-Yrieix production site still in operation.

Arrangement of public space

With this audio guide, pause for a few moments to look at the houses that line the Rue des Barris and watch over the commercial hustle and bustle of this street and this quarter, which developed in the area outside the fortified wall. 

Arrangement of public space

You are at the entrance to the Place de la Nation, an important centre of Saint-Yrieix life that has had many roles over the centuries. Listen to its story and admire the private mansions surrounding the square.


A tramway once ran through this intersection. What was its destination ?

Buildings and public life

The grand building in front of you is the Saint-Yrieix town hall. This video presents its history and reveals its hidden wonders.


How many names are engraved on the monument?



For what purpose were these old public baths converted after being closed for 30 years?

Objects of religious art, Buildings and public life

The Jean-Pierre Fabrègue Cultural Centre was built in 1994 and is classed as Architecture Contemporaine Remarquable (Remarkable Contemporary Architecture). In this video, discover this building and the priceless treasure that it houses: the Saint-Yrieix Bible, a 12th-century work with magnificent illumination.

Know-how and materials

We’re ending this tour of Saint-Yrieix on a musical note. In this interview, Gaëtan Polteau and Jean-Marc Delaunay introduce you to the mirrored chabrette, the traditional instrument of Limousin and Périgord, as Saint-Yrieix was one of the places where the instrument was produced.

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