Palais Beaumont à Pau
Pau, from the Place Royale to the Trespoey quarter

The multimedia tour leads you on a discovery of a slice of Pau’s recent history when it was a successful resort town between the 19th and 20th centuries, using video and audio commentary that will take you from the Place Royale to the Kofu garden, via the Palais Beaumont and its park.

Departure :
Houses, mansions and dwellings

Explore here the particular way of life in a resort town between the 19th century and the start of the 20th century through this interview with Cécile Devos, a researcher with the cultural heritage inventory for the city of Pau.

Houses, mansions and dwellings

This Art Deco building is an excellent illustration of the last structures built in Pau as part of the resort town in the 1930s. This is an opportunity to learn more about this beautiful building that Pau residents nicknamed “the columns building”.

Buildings and public life

This former winter palace from 1898, another iconic building in Pau with its bell towers, is now a conference centre. Take some time to explore its history with this audio clip.


Which element of architectural decoration can you identify on the bell towers of the Palais Beaumont?


Which societal concern was the reason for building this open-air theatre?


A very specific landscape design has been created here. What name was given to this small garden in the Parc Beaumont?


The building opposite you is a court for playing jeu de paume, a precursor to tennis. Which French expression is connected to this game?

Religious buildings and communities

This neo-Gothic chapel is part of a religious structure, the Réparatrices convent, which was built in the 19th century by the Baroness de Brienen. In this video, discover the architectural details and interior decoration of the chapel, as well as the cloister located at the rear.


This odd little pavilion used to decorate the large park of the San Carlos villa, which has since been divided into several plots. Which decorative style was used in its construction?

Houses, mansions and dwellings

You are now in a quarter filled with villas that were built when Pau was a very popular destination as a resort town. Claude Laroche, a researcher for the cultural heritage and inventory department of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, presents the main characteristics of these luxury residences and some examples of Pau’s grandest villas.


You are standing in front of the Kofu garden. To which Asian country does it pay tribute?


Which hundred-year-old trees can be found in Square Besson?

Houses, mansions and dwellings

The villa Nitot is an example of a 19th-century Pau villa, built facing the Pyrenees in a large park with annexe buildings. This audio guide lets you explore it in more detail.

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