The fortifications of Evaux

You are standing where one of the old doors of the fortified city of Evaux once stood. This audio clip helps you envisage these fortifications that have completely disappeared now.

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    pierre sculptée d'un lion
    Pierres d'une ancienne porte avec un lion sculpté

Voix de l'audio : Sarah Lafaye

At the site, you will find one of ancient gates in the outer wall of the medieval city of Évaux – the porte des Farges. It opened to the south, at the end of a street that goes over the remains of the cardo, the primary road in the Gallo-Roman conurbation. The stones at the corner of this house on Grande Rue could be remnants of this gate. You can see the shape of a lion lying down sculpted in a block of granite. It supports two sculpted stones that were a starting point for the vault.

The medieval town’s outer wall, which we have outlined on a Napoleonic land registry, had three other gates. To the west, between the porte du vieux marché and the porte Saint Pierre, the traces of the fortifications formed a curve that matched the shape of the ancient motte and bailey keep.

Moats surrounded the outer edge of the city wall. What is now rue des Fossés actually follows the outline of where they used to be.

The faubourg districts stretched beyond the fortifications.

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