Stroll through Limoges's historical Butchers' quarters and discover the neighbourhood's astonishing history and numerous half-timbered houses.

Departure :
Arrangement of public space

Follow Place de la Motte’s evolution in the heart of Limoges, from the creation of its feudal motte to the construction of its large covered market.

Buildings and public life, Industrial, artisanal and commercial heritage

Limoges’s covered market is a local gourmet hotspot. Notice its remarkable Eiffel-inspired architecture and learn about how it was built.

Arrangement of public space, Industrial, artisanal and commercial heritage

Welcome to the Butchers’ Quarters ! This used to be an interior courtyard where livestock was kept before being butchered.


In your opinion what used to stand here, instead of this buildings, until the 17th century ?

Traditions and beliefs

Limoges’s active and prosperous Butchers’ Fraternity left its mark in the city. Observe the traces of its members’ devotion through the numerous statues and the private chapel that was built.

Religious buildings and communities

Observe and decipher the visible representations that can be found on the facade of Saint-Aurélien chapel and its limestone cross.

Objects of religious art, Traditions and beliefs

Inside Saint-Aurélien chapel, many items show the religious traditions of St Aurélien fraternity. One of these traditions called “Ostensions” is a ceremony in which the fraternity takes part every 7 years.

Houses, mansions and dwellings, Know-how and materials

The numerous timber frame house facades give the neighbourhood its charm and attract many visitors. If you would like to learn more about how they were built, be sure to watch this video.

Arrangement of public space

Place des Bancs has been a popular retail spot since the 13th century. For many centuries, this is where butchers used to slaughter livestock and sell their meat products.

Industrial, artisanal and commercial heritage

The butcher shops used to be located along rue de la Boucherie. Notice what is left of the shop fronts and imagine how lively this main street used to be, thanks to archive photographs.

Arrangement of public space, Memory and destinies of men

In 1913, a filmmaker set his camera up on place St Aurélien and filmed rue de la Boucherie. Take a trip back in time, 100 years ago, with this excerpt that will enable you to see things through the cameraman’s eyes.

Houses, mansions and dwellings, Industrial, artisanal and commercial heritage

Imagine the lives of Limoges’s butchers by observing how their houses were organized. Every room except for the bedrooms was linked to the butchers’ profession.

Know-how and materials

Watch Mr Brun in action. He strives to perpetuate the old-fashioned know-how of butchers in his lab, in rue de la Boucherie.

Arrangement of public space

Follow the steps of this neighbourhood’s revival. After a long decline it was rehabilitated and came to life again, particularly thanks to the « Frairie des petits ventres » annual food fair.


Look at the sculpture. What is young Jesus holding in his hand ?

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