The legend of Evahona


This story full of magic takes you back to the origins of the legends! Or how the underground adventures of Evahona the fairy gave rise to these thermal waters with multiple benefits.

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    fresque Evahonia

Voice : Sarah Lafaye

The legend of Evahona

The name of Évaux-les-Bains is derived from a local Celtic deity named Ivahos.

According to local legend, Evahona was a fairy who brought joy, love and healing to its inhabitants. However, one day, hordes of barbarians appeared and she had to hide underground, where she had three children with a subterranean spirit. When they grew up, these three children wanted to go above and discover the world on the surface, but there was no way out.

Evahona pleaded with Luxia, queen of the fairies, who agreed to open a passage on three conditions:

  • Their mother, Evahona had to stay underground forever.
  • The children had to change form.
  • They also had to acquire strength, goodness and wisdom.

The deal was made and Evahona’s three children were able to go up to the outside world as three sources of hot water laden with properties to care for humans.

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