The white tower

This is what remains of the towers that formed part of Talmont’s town wall: the White Tower. Take some time to learn a little about the town’s fortifications with this audio guide.

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    la tour blanche à Talmont
    Vestiges de la Tour Blanche
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    White tower
    La célèbre White Tower de Londres, Wikimedia Commons
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    fortifications de Talmont
    Les fortifications de Talmont
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    fortifications de Talmont
    Les remparts de Talmont

You are now standing in front of the remains of Talmont’s very own White Tower or “Tour Blanche”, a reference to its London namesake. It is the only surviving remainder of the fortifications built at Talmont by King Edward I of England in 1284. Like the other 3 towers which once stood here, it has a rectangular shape.

From the end of the 15th century, the dilapidated fortifications of Talmont were subject to major restoration works. Then, after facing severe damage by storms and during the Wars of Religion, they received the coup de grace in 1652, when Spanish troops fighting in the Fronde against Louis XIV demolished them before fleeing the city. Several projects were carried out to restore a section of the ramparts, which now require regular monitoring and maintenance, as do the cliffs, which are threatened by erosion.

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